Know your customers - online and instore

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Ecommerce is widely used by Australians

With simple metrics supporting online shopping

Yet online shopping is in its infancy

With plenty of room for wider adoption

Expect smartphones to drive further growth

As greater penetration changes consumer behaviours

And online and instore worlds converge

So if online shopping is changing retail...
How to respond?

Offer the right product, at the right price!

Some suggest it's about collecting data

But customers don't like it

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70% were "concerned with how companies and websites use and share my information"

Source: ACMA commissioned research May 2012


91% "would prefer it if I controlled the use of my personal information"

Source: North American Technographics Survey Q3 2011


91% think that "The government needs a warrant to view our online data. We shouldn’t have to worry about prying eyes"

The Guardian - Where do you stand on internet privacy Apr13

Perhaps it's not that complicated

Bring back the shop assistant

With Geddup you can 'just ask'

Your customer invites you to engage with them

And you are always just one click away

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