We’ve recently been conducting a survey of hair salon client’s to get better understanding of their attitudes towards digital communication. We figure that the responses will be representative of personal service industries generally. It affirms the view that this communication is due for a shake-up.

#1 “Deliver messages to my mobile”

When it comes to receiving appointment confirmations and reminders, people prefer SMS.


It’s interesting that even though they’re reading more of their daily emails on a mobile device, people are distinguishing between the congested flow found there and these actionable “must-see” messages. Appointment confirmations matter – that’s why it’s okay to interrupt their person-to-person message stream.

#2 “I want it to be easy”

We are on the cusp of change when it comes to integrating digital prosthesis in our daily routines. This inflection point can be seen in the way people are using their digital calendars.


The point being that it isn’t easy to incorporate events in our calendars, it requires fat fingered typing in all sorts of awkward ways. This is why when we asked people what they most wanted from their hair salon the most common response was… one-click add to calendar. (It was closely followed by send the reminder to my phone!)

‘Convenience’ is the lowest common denominator for picking winners in the digital race. It’s like the difference between having to type “Y-E-S” to confirm an appointment by SMS, and simply clicking a button. It’s clear which has the winning hand.

#3 “I’d like more control”

It is one of the paradoxes of the internet age that as the data captured about each of us proliferates there remains a near universal sense of unease about who gets to see this. Surveys in the US, the UK and Europe have consistently shown that the overwhelming majority are concerned about their privacy in one way or another (the magic number tends to be 95% depending on the question asked). Unsurprisingly, we found the same thing with only ~5% of people agreeing that ‘Privacy is an old world concept’.

The thing is most of us don’t know what we can do to change things. It’s interesting then that the use of ‘dedicated’ email addresses for business may be on the rise:




The future is mobile, convenient & offers more control. We think the future looks like this…

Future of confirmations