If fear and greed sell newspapers, then they will work just as well for VRM?

One of the recurrent themes in the VRM space is the need to protect us from the forces of darkness that are gathering in the digital silos:

  • Facebook deconstructed in the WSJ (here)
  • Big data as big brother – O’Reilly Media (here)
  • Ranking customers by the friends they hang out with – NYT (here)

Fair enough. I’m a believer that one of the primary drivers of VRM is the aggregation of customer buying power. If customers choose services that will protect their interests, and do so in numbers to warrant the attention of vendors, then there is no doubt that the vendors will follow them.

So when we see further research showing that customers don’t like personal marketing and want more control, everyone should pay attention (here).

Also, a video of Alan Mitchell from last year’s Lean Summit, the UK Midata initiative, Australia’s digital mailbox dogfight and some other tidbits of interest…you can find all the links in the usual place (here).