Updating your communities contact details (including SMS)

Before you go through the process below, it is best to inform the community face to face (at a mass meeting or similar) that you are updating the database and creating an online community for their benefit. This will reduce the members fear about what they are signing up for and have them look out for the message.

1. From the messages page click the template tab
2. Choose “Update your Details” message and click “Send Message”
3. Choose your recipients, either “all”, a “group” or single selection then click “Done”
4. Review the body of the message is what you wish to say
5. Underneath the body of the message is the “SMS” slider, slide this to “Yes”
6. Delete everything after your communities name and write a short message asking your community members to click the link and update their details. Please note the code %GIVEN_NAMES% does not work for SMS

Note: When your community members click the link they will be taken to a webpage which will show them their contact details that are in the system. We want them to change them if they are incorrect or verify them by creating a password and taking control of their account