Setting up an event

Events are activities such as classes, meetings, parties, interviews, fetes etc. They are added to a group’s calendar. Members can then access them within Geddup or they can be attached to messages. If a member joins a group event, they will be automatically added to the group too.


To create an event

  1. On the community homepage, select the calendar icon in your group
  2. On the calendar page, click the orange arrow button next to the search bar
  3. Select “Add an Event”
  4. Enter the required event title and start time
  5. Optionally add an end time, description, location, max number of attendees and last day to sign-up (closes at midnight of that day)
  6. Click “Event Repeater” if you wish the event to happen more than once
  7. Choose how many times and how often the event will occur
  8. Review the events below and click “Save” at the bottom of the page

To edit an event

Once the calendar is populated, you can change and remove single events as needed.

  1. Click the grey down arrow on the event you wish to change.
  2. Click “Edit event” and edit the fields that need changing
  3. Once edited, click the “Save” button to save your changes