Sending a message with an event

The best way to let members know about a new event is to send them a message with the details. Please note, if members read the message in the Geddup App they will get up to date information about how many people have “joined” and if they click on the event they can see who has joined. When a member receives the message via email, the information is correct to the time the message was sent (emails send static information).



To Send a Message with an Event Attached

  1. From the “Write Message” page, click “Add Fields”
  2. Click “Share Events”
  3. Click “From Calendars” on the top right of screen
  4. Click “Select a Calendar”
  5. Choose your calendar where you have created your event/s
  6. Click on the red “+” to choose the events you wish to share
  7. Click “Save” to save your selected events
  8. Click “Done” to exit the calendar section
  9. Click “Review & Send” to check your message
  10. When you are happy, click “Send”!