Send a Message

Sending a message in Geddup is like sending an email.



To Send a Message

  1. On your “Community Homepage”, click “Send a Message”
  2. On “Select Recipients” page, choose your members you wish to contact. You can select a group and choose members of that group, or you can search for a member using the search bar, or you can scroll down the list and choose your members. To choose a member, click the red “+”and it will turn to a green tick
  3. Once you have chosen all your members, click “Done”
  4. On “Write Message” page, add a Title to your message and include some text in the main section
  5. Once you have completed your message, press “Review & Send”
  6. Next is the “Review” page. This page shows you how the message looks to the members. Once you are happy with your message click “Send”