Commenting on a message

Comments in Geddup are similar to comments in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter


How to make a comment

  1. If a member writes a comment in response to your message you will receive notification about the comment
  2. All comments are visible to anyone who received the message, they are listed under the message content
  3. To reply to a single comment, click the grey return arrow found on the top right-hand side of the Comment Box – it will automatically add the @name of the person you are replying to
  4. To add another member to your reply, type “@”in the Comment Box and start to type their name. After a couple of letters their name will appear. Click on that name.
  5. To send a comment to everyone who received the initial message type “@all” in the Comment




You can turn Comments on or off on a message when you are sending it (the toggle is at the bottom of the new message page) or after you have sent it (by viewing your message and clicking through to View Message Reporting where you will find the toggle).