Adding Question & Answers

The Questions and Answers feature adds buttons on the message. You can have as many Question and Answers sections on a message as needed.



To add a Question & Answer

  1. From the “Write Message” page, click “Add Fields”
  2. Click “Ask a Question”
  3. On the “Question & Answers” page, write your question in the box
  4. Adding an “Expiry Date” in the next field will put a time limit on when the question can be answered
  5. Add the first response in the “Response” box. If you wish to have just one response, click the red “X” to the right of the second response. If you wish to have many answers click the green “+”
  6. To limit the number of responses allowed insert a number in this field. This is useful when asking for a specific number volunteers
  7. To add another “Question and Answer” to the message, click “Add Question” button at the top of the page