Mapping community engagement

This year our first school has taken to Geddup with reckless abandon. Message volume has more than doubled and the number of regular users has exploded. More menacingly, it’s exposed weaknesses in our usability that were hidden before. But that’s a good thing, cause now we are madly iterating to get these things fixed. It’ll make for a better experience.

So what changed? Why the sudden surge?

The short answer is that we crossed the tipping point for the community. When enough people started using Geddup, then everyone got exposed.

From another perspective, the surge can be tied to the increased use of the Q&A function in Geddup. This has proven to be the quickest way to collect feedback from a community. Simpler to manage than comments. And people get it. Once they see the flexibility and ease-of-use of free text mini-forms, people want to send some themselves.

We wanted to map the change in the way the community was interacting, so we created a data visualisation that looks at a recent week’s messages. (Warning it’s been designed for desktops, though will work on an ipad if you open the link in landscape. Best not to try this on your mobile, it may spontaneously combust.)

You can access the data visualisation by clicking here.


A data visualisation of community messaging at Auburn South Primary School