Community Broadcasting & Personal Clouds

The federal government’s Commission of Audit report has sent shivers through the Community Broadcasting industry. Somewhat incredulously it proposes cutting all funding to the sector. The reason it gives is ‘good governance’ and the fact there is already over $1billion being passed over to the ABC and SBS.

Just why a government would even consider shooting itself in the foot over a paltry $17m that it distributes to the Community Broadcasting sector (via the CBF) is a puzzle. The leverage that mere morsel achieves through the unpaid efforts of 22,000 volunteers has been estimated at around $388m. Couple this with the fact that we are talking broadcasters here – ie. the sector has a weekly audience is around 5.2 million listeners – and it would be a very foolhardy political misstep indeed.

In that context, we have this week provided a paper to the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia that sets out strategies for the sector to take advantage of the emergence of personal clouds.

We believe that broadcasters can leverage these emerging technologies to offer an already highly engaged community more ways of participating. Through these technologies it can deliver deeper engagement and more relevant and personal interaction. Additionally, it can open access to alternate funding mechanisms and, just as importantly, to better ways of consolidating sector-wide support.

The one simple idea is┬áthat by making the listener the centre of the relationship, a whole lot more things can happen. We propose mechanisms to enable this. By way of example, consider the added convenience around something as simple as listening to your favourite show – when you want to and how you want to:




In this example, my personal cloud enables the digital interaction to occur the way that I want it to. An event occurs, my favourite show is on-air, and my personal cloud receives a message. It then processes that according to my preferences. So for example when I’m on the train home, I can click into straight through to my fine vibes…

There’s a little more to it than that. If you’d like a copy of the paper, drop me a line, we’re always happy to share.