Owning your customers

Dreams of conquest have got the marketing industry all aflutter – again.

Conceptually, the idea that localised modifiers in mobile search can be used to deliver more relevant results sounds like a good idea. We want to find a plumber, it’d be nice to find one that lives in the neighbourhood. So the idea that location data can drawn from your mobile and used in display ad placement within location centric apps like Yelp and FourSquare is not stretching the friendship too far.

It’s when companies like JiWire – that brings “more context” by profiling users based in patterns of where they are and where have they have been – that things start to veer beyond the reasonable.

And the goal?

Once we know an individual is a mom, I can reach her any time, any place.

Not sure I’m all that keen on being ‘reached’ anytime, anyplace – even before I get there…

A team of British researchers has developed an algorithm that uses tracking data on people’s phones to predict where they’ll be in 24 hours. The average error: just 20 meters.

Also, a couple of articles tracking the irresistible allure of seeking to own the traffic on your social media site – Twitter and Craigslist being that latest to fall to the siren call.

This weeks reading links can be found at the usual place – http://bit.ly/Nzwbik

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